Unit 7: Higher Level Presentation

Higher Level Presentation Instructions Packet

This is a packet I put together which combines some ideas from the IB Guide and other sources I found and adapted. One problem I have run into is that students don’t often read through most of the pages and miss important information. Not sure how to shorten this or make the instructions more effective but I find myself reminding them to look back at the instructions frequently.

Download the linked files in one folder

HL Presentation Packet

Students are required to submit a script of their planned presentation before delivering it. This helps check for plagiarism as well as forces them to actually plan out their work and not expect to perform it off the top of their heads.

Assessing Student Samples

We watch a few sample presentations and grade them together to get a better sense of the task and grading criteria.

Examining Presentation Form


Sample 1 Video (from the IB website)

Sample E Presentation Script 1

Sample 2 Video (from the IB website)

HL Presentation Process Work

Students have a very limited imagination of possible topics so after introducing the presentation and looking at a few sample presentations, I have students

Identifying Possible HL Topics

Students make initial proposals which I give feedback on.

HL Initial Proposal Form

Once students get the go ahead on their topic their next task is to put together an outline based on their research. Below is also a video I put together to help them think about posing an appropriate research question.

HL Presentation Outline

Identifying a research question video 

Before the final presentation is due, I give them this checklist.

HL Presentation Checklist

Final HL Presentation Notes

SL Students

In my school, SL and HL students are in the same class. When the HL students move on to presentations, I have SL students do a small written research assignment. This assignment is functional but should be better.

SL Research Assignment

SL Research Assignment Outline