Unit 6: Human Rights Case Studies


Notes: The work listed below was created during remote instruction so all the work is on Google Docs. There are also videos I made to help students work asynchronously. Listed out in terms of “days” but many can be consolidated depending on the class format. The boxes/fields in the docs are meant for students to fill in their own responses. Some may already have text in them from working through the questions with my students after the fact.

Download all the linked files here in one folder.

Key concepts focused on in this unit: Human Rights, Justice, Liberty, Equality

Global Political Challenges:

Other global politics terms:

Unit Question:

Final Assessment: 

Daily Work

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Day 1: Case Study #4: FGM Intro

Description of the procedure, background of the issue

Case Study FGM Intro

Day 2: Deeper discussion on FGM

Discussion of relativism and FGM, readings and video from those who favor keeping FGM legal.

Deeper Discussion of FGM

Day 3: Language and FGM

This discussion provides a good connection to TOK. Should we use neutral language when discussing FGM? Is there neutral language? I had my students consider these questions.

TOK Connections with FGM brief

China and its Uyghur Minority

Days 1 and 2

This worksheet has a series of readings and video to help students explore the situation in Xinjiang. Much of this is independent work. I provided the students with some general background on China before we started.

Case Study #5 China and Uyghur Minority

Intro to Case Study #5_ China and its Uyghur Minority

Day 3: Asian Values

Brief readings exploring the idea that “Asian Values” offer a different approach to the individualistic, Eurocentric concept of human rights

Asian Values

Saudi Arabia’s Guardianship System

(I cut this case out in 2020-2021 but did this in 2019-2020. I’m not sure this case adds too much to what is already done in this unit but I’m including what I put together here)

Day 1: Background on Saudi Arabia

On day 1 I talked students through some of the important events and background information about Saudi Arabia. There is a particular focus on the events of 1979 that were a turning point for Saudi Arabia’s internal politics. They read more for homework including sections from Saudi Arabia’s constitution.

Saudi Arabia’s Guardianship System Slides

Background Saudi Arabia reading

Day 2: Guardianship System

This handout provides a few different documents for students to learn and evaluate the guardianship system in place in Saudi Arabia

Guardianship system in Saudi Arabia

Day 3: Protest Movement in Saudi Arabia (Women2Drive)

Documents discussing the protest movements inside Saudi Arabia against the ban against women drivers

Saudi Arabia Day 3 Protest Movements

Human Rights Review Work

This assignment was meant to have kids review the work we had done in the unit so far to prepare them for end of unit assessments.

Human Rights Unit Review

Paper 2 Final Assignment

Wrap up work on human rights unit and preparation for end of unit Paper 2 task.

Human Rights Wrap Up, Paper 2 Intro

Prepping for HR Paper 2

Sample HR Paper 2 Response

For the Paper 2 task, I used two recent prompts and let students choose. These were not from the same exam.

HR Paper 2 Assignment