IB Exam Review

For each core unit, I gave students a review sheet with links to relevant textbook pages, past assignments, and IB documents along with spaces to take notes on the specific case studies. We spent about 3 weeks on review or so.

One useful activity I did for each unit was have students look over the Paper 2 questions from the past 8 exams and identify questions they would definitely answer, definitely not answer, and which they were unsure about. We then reviewed common characteristics to identify concepts and language that students should strongly consider and strongly avoid to help speed up their decision making.

Summary of concepts GloPo and Case Studies

Link to Complete Review Folder

Unit 1: PSIR

Complete Power Sovereignty IR Review Doc

PSIR Review Folder


Unit 2: Human Rights

Complete Human Rights Review Doc

Human Rights Review Folder


Unit 3: Development

Complete Development Review Doc

Development Review Folder


Unit 4: Peace and Conflict

Complete Peace and Conflict Review Doc

Peace and Conflict Review Folder