The Inquiry Podcast: How soon can we go carbon zero?

This month activists all over the world have taken over city centres, demanding urgent action to halt climate change. They say we need to eliminate all carbon emissions by 2025. Most people think that’s impossible. But scientists are warning that if we want to stop global warming, we need to cut our CO2 emissions fast. So how soon can the planet achieve carbon zero?

Part 3 of this episode, titled, “Out of Africa” (starting at 11:22), does a great job discussing the issue of energy use and development and the challenges of who pays the cost of reducing carbon emissions.

From that section, “How do we tackle this monstrous problem of climate change without exacerbating the problem of global poverty and inequality?” Do developed nations have a responsibility to help subsidize the development of developing nations in order to make sure their development is “clean”?

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