America’s Great Passport Divide

This topic connects well to concepts related to populism, Brexit, Republican-Democratic Divide, and the concept of “Anywheres” vs. “Somewheres” to explain schisms within western societies

How income, education, and other factors influence our propensity for globe-trotting

Passport holding also reflects something about the underlying personality of places.  American states are not only sorting by income, education and political orientation, but by personality type, according to research by the Cambridge University psychologist Jason Rentfrow and his colleagues.  Passport holding is in fact related to three of the five major personality types.  There are positive correlations between passports and Openness-to-Experience personalities, and negative ones to both Agreeableness and Conscientiousness.  “The results suggest to me that this is also linked to Openness,” Rentfrow noted after looking over these findings. “Openness is about curiosity and adventure, so it would make sense that Open places have high numbers of passports.”

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