Venezuela Resources

As Venezuela crumbles, the regime digs in ($)

Venezuela was long one of the most prosperous countries in the region, with sophisticated manufacturing, vibrant agriculture and strong businesses, making it hard for many residents to accept such widespread scarcities. But amid the prosperity, the gap between rich and poor was extreme, a problem that Mr. Chávez and his ministers say they are trying to eliminate.

Podcast: Food Shortages At The Heart Of Venezuelan Economic And Political Crisis

Protesters blame the president for the country’s economic collapse and also for his tactics to hold on to power, suspending local elections, refusing to allow a recall referendum to go forward, attempting to rewrite the constitution and crackdowns on protesters.

Planet Money Podcast Episode 731: How Venezuela Imploded

Today on the show, we have an economic horror story about a country that made all the wrong decisions with its oil money. It’s a window into the fundamental way that money works and how when you try to control it, you can lose everything.

The Inquiry Podcast: How Did Venezuela Go From So Rich To So Poor?

Once the richest country in South America, Venezuela is now in deep economic crisis.

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