News and Editorials about US withdrawal from Afghanistan

What We Got Wrong in Afghanistan

Military officers like me thought we were building a capable Afghan security force. What did we get wrong? Plenty.

Northern Afghanistan once kept out the Taliban. Why has it fallen so quickly this time?

Political and ethnic tensions have fueled new discord — and the Taliban has capitalized on these grievances

Wisdom of Crowds Podcast: Afghanistan and the End of American Empire

With Kabul close to collapse, Shadi and Damir argue about the nature of the multiple screwups in Afghanistan, both long-term and of more recent vintage. What exactly is Biden doing wrong? Should we stay a bit longer, and if so, to what end? And what lessons should Americans learn from all if it?


The Fall of Kabul

Joe Biden claimed “zero” parallels between U.S. withdrawals from Afghanistan and Vietnam. As the Taliban take Kabul, he’s proved wrong.

When ‘Never Again’ Becomes ‘Again and Again’

The U.S. has a responsibility to protect Afghans from the mass atrocities of the Taliban.

Our Best Stuff From a Frustrating Week

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