Migration, Refugee Lessons and Resources

Misc. Links

Refugee Processing Center

Great resource for data and research



Good general facts and figures about refugees


“Abdi and the Golden Ticket”

This American Life Podcast, “A story about someone who’s desperately trying – against long odds – to make it to the United States and become an American. Abdi is a Somali refugee living in Kenya and gets the luckiest break of his life: he wins a lottery that puts him on a short list for a U.S. visa. This is his ticket out. But before he can cash in his golden ticket, the police start raiding his neighborhood, targeting refugees.”


U.S. Sued by Its Iraqi Helpers Over Visa Delays


Mexican Opium Prices Plummet, Driving Poppy Farmers to Migrate

NY Times article about the drop in prices is leading poppy farmers to seek work in the United States and other places

Lesson Plan: The Crisis in Ukraine

This lesson examines the crisis in Ukraine. First, students hold a brief discussion on what they think
is the most important news story going on. Then they read and discuss a background piece on the
crisis in Ukraine. Next, in small groups, they role play international lawyers and analyze Ukraine’s
1994 Budapest Memorandum, an agreement among Ukraine, Russia, the U.S., and the U.K.

Unit Plan: Fair Trade

This inquiry leads students through an investigation of fair trade. By investigating the compelling question “Is Fair Trade Fair?” students evaluate the rise of fair trade as it relates to several specialty industries; such as the coffee industry. The formative performance tasks build on knowledge and skills through the course of the inquiry and helps students obtain a foundational understanding of fair trade. Students also examine differences between fair and free trade, and finally analyze the costs of benefits of free trade. Students create an evidence-based argument about the overall fairness of fair trade.


Choices Unit: The Syrian Civil War

What caused the conflict in Syria, and how should the international community respond?

The Syrian Civil War and resulting refugee crisis is one of the defining humanitarian issues of our time. Since 2011, the violence of the conflict has prompted about half of the country’s population to flee from their homes—nearly seven million refugees have fled the country and more than six million Syrians are internally displaced. The war has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians and injured more than a million people. The Syrian Civil War provides students with the historical basis to understand the recent conflict, exploring the legacies of colonialism, sectarianism, and authoritarianism that continue to shape the country today. Throughout the curriculum, students explore how Syrian social movements and resistance have shaped the country’s history, considering the experiences and perspectives of Syrians from the past to the present. The unit is divided into three parts. Each part includes:

Pluralism and Inequality in Nigeria: Factors Inhibiting and Promoting Development

Interesting resource designed specifically for the IB Global Politics course.

Justice & Human Rights Lessons from Facing History

The rule of law presents a path for nations to create a just and humane world. Our resources on human rights examine international systems of justice developed in response to mass violence, past and present. These encompass struggles around racism, religious intolerance, national origin, gender and sexuality, and sexual expression.